Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wet Wednesday

Hallelujah, praise the lord--
I've found joy, in my life.
and it feels like an old friend.
I've been feeling sorta...
blaaaaaaah lately.
not sad, not down, not blue, not...
yeah, that's it--
an absence of much feeling.
I have found my thrill,
and, although it was far from blueberry hill,
it's still marvelous.
and no, it didn't come in the shape of a big, fat, 8-inch dildo,
ya sickos.
that was earlier, and it was quite a thrill also.
where was I?
oh yeah...
I cooked salmon...
it came out just right.
and red potatoes...
and fresh green beans...
and this makes me want to dance.
I might have woken my sleeping soul.
...or it could just be indigestion.

You have pretty hands...he said, picking one up.
Thanks, but ya know--you don't have to bother.
I smiled.
I'm a sure thing.
my eyes were laughing, and he smiled back.
well...maybe not in the traditional sense.
I plan on sliding so hard into third base,
that the foot on my outstretched leg will be just dusty inches from home base.

wow...that's quite an image...
I giggled at his wide-eyed half-smile.

I love that feeling...
when I first notice that I'm becoming aroused.
that slight tingling between my legs, whispering to me.
the hint of things to come, the awakening of my body to what my mind wants.
the growing of that feeling--
sometimes slow, sometimes sudden.
but always the wetness arriving...
and if i tilt my head back,
and speed up my breathing...
this tricks my body into believing I'm not alone.
my nipples harden faster, my panties grow wetter...
In my mind, I am standing next to the chair you sit in--
and i imagine your hand sliding up the back of my thigh,
and under my satin panties, cupping the roundness of my smooth ass,
and slipping back out, running briefly over the front of those panties,
making me draw a sharper breath.
I can picture you letting my skirt drop back down, to cover my legs,
as you look into my eyes, daring me to kiss you.
I can picture all this...
and as I write it,
I pause to run a hand over my nipples to check...

that's right.
wet wednesday.
have a happy and (re)productive one...

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