Monday, January 17, 2005

hung over, cranky, and annoyed

oh, and a little hungry, too.
so watch the fuck out.

I did, however, have a marvelous weekend.
and i'll write all about it later.
right now, i really should just crawl into bed with some healthy-ish snack and fall asleep.
i even come home to a clogged kitchen sink--
just how i left it.
how cute.
at least i had the forethought to pick up some drano on the way home from the plano.
(sorry, had to)

i even did some writing on the plane.
i am excited to transcribe it for your viewing pleasure.
actually most of it was the beginning of my book.

i can feel...something.
i don't know what it is, but it isn't very sunshiney.
it seems like everything is inside out, or upside down--
or both.

i saw the ocean this morning, though, so everything should still be aligned properly.
the ocean...
well, it wasn't my ocean, so maybe that's why it didn't work.
my ocean heals me.
my ocean feeds me.
my ocean is angry and fierce and reminds me of what's important.
...which is not to imply that i actually know.
my ocean a cruel barrier, keeping at bay...
a world i swim in at night.

a full report will be made soon.
by me?
well, duh. who else?

let me reiterate, it was a fantastic weekend.
and, again, remind me not to drink EVER again.
i wasn't even drunk--
like maybe just a hint of drunk, but only for a moment.
fucking hangovers.
happy god damned monday.
and be civil.

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