Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thank GOD for Thurdsdays...

they're so quiet.
I like it.

yesterday licked dog balls, and I'm not entirely sure why.
there was the kids' field trip, which I joined as a chaperone or whatever.
I knew it wouldn't be "fun",
but I sorta figured it would fall into the category--
somewhere between "fun" and "I want to find a rusty razorblade and a warm bath".
I was wrong.
I'll spare you the details, but I'll never volunteer for anything again.
unless MY kids aren't going to be there...
oh, yeah, and if I don't have to have a writhing little black and red snake shoved in my face.
and did I say I would spare you the details??
I'm not sure why I said that--it's not exactly in my repertoire.

At least I FINALLY got into organizational mode last night and kicked the toy box's ass.
I hate Christmas.

Did I mention we sign on our new house tomorrow?
...that's my favorite solution to EVERYTHING lately--
it's very convenient.
hubby: The cat's killing my allergies.
me: yes, but in the new house it'll be better because we can make sure she doesn't get into our room, and the whole main floor is ceramic tile with leather furniture.

hubby: i'm glad you got the play room organized.*
me: it'll be easier to keep the kids' stuff organized in the new house because of all the new containers i'm going to buy to sort it into.

*(that's paraphrased...he was much less coherant/interested than that)

You may want to note that the bolded solutions could also be put into play here.
that would be no good, though.
and do you want to know why?
because then I wouldn't be forming an extensive procrastination plan
which includes the delicate structuring of setting myself up to fail.
I'm being dramatic and a bit silly.
Just ignore me.

I had some crazy-ass, grade A fucked up dreams last night.
could have had something to do with falling asleep with "Beavis & Butthead" on...
but man, I love those guys.
I did wake up in the middle of them watching "The Devil Went Back to Georgia" and got all satan-y freaked out, though.
for a minute, I was convinced HE was in my house.
I'm pretty sure it was just the cat, but I am glad that was the last night I'll be sleeping alone for a while.

which reminds me--
first of all: super stoked to have the husband figure back from monster business trip.
(king-sized beds are waaaaay too big for one little fetal-position-sleeper, although making the bed is way easier.)
and secondly: I realized what sucks the most about him having a job where travel is required.
It's that feeling of uncertainty--
there's usually a week's notice or so, before a trip, because he doesn't do a lot of emergency stuff,
but it's still a feeling of being at the mercy of the company.
they're an amazing company--very thoughtful of their employees well-being, etc.
everyone he meets LOVES their job--no matter which office they're in.
so i'm fairly sure i'll get used to it...
I just like having him around--
especially when the sink's clogged or my computer goes cliff-diving and forgets to wear a life jacket.
oooh, or maybe satan really WAS in my room last night!
surfing for porn on my computer.
I bet he was pissed cuz all the good stuff was free.
He hates it when there are things that make good people happy.
yes, I said "good" people.
my definition of "good" happens to include people who like getting their rocks off for free.
and why?
because that makes them smart.
and smart=good.
like, duh.
so the point is, MY computer is hosed.
like a house fire after a 911 call.
wait, no...that would be "hosed down".
it's hosed like...
the Rockettes?
no, that's "pantyhosed"...
I'm scaring myself here, hold on a minute--
how's about, my computer is on vacation in the swamplands, and wearing a sign that says "eat me" in crocodile language.

I've long since stopped apologizing for not having a point to my posts--
and expecting myself to have one.
but I still sometimes consider writing a themed post.
(don't count on it...too much forethought required.)
I do feel like making a list of something, though...
maybe a list of reasons I don't like to plan out a post?
maybe a list of people who were not in my whacked-out dream last night?
nah, too short.
maybe a list of reasons not to eat pizza for breakfast when you're 30?
(yes, i know i'm not there yet, but i figure it'll dull the shock if i say it a lot right now...)
how about a list of reasons that eating does nothing to lower stress??
what the hell is wrong with me?
i'm turning into a lump of bread dough, all because I've been worried about selling the house
(which we're now keeping as a rental property)
and buying a house,
(which, god willing, is over tomorrow)
and moving to a whole new city,
and fighting for custody of the stepson,
and having lost a friend to a tragic case of back stabbing,
and my dad's shitty health and its impact on my mom,
and and AND.
...that felt good, actually.
maybe i should do that more often. ;)
I promise I won't, but I suppose some of you have a vested interest in my self-image.
if I don't vent, I eat.
if I continue eating like this, I'll stop posting pictures.
although, on the plus size SIDE, my tits will grow, too.
eh. not worth it, trust me.

so anyway.
is everyone asleep yet???
my work is done.
dare to have a shitty day and still be a rock star.
(or at least a washed up 80's popstar)

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