Saturday, January 15, 2005

do YOU know the way to San Jose?

well, my husband does.
I'm thinking of dropping Dionne Warwick a little note.
in case she hasn't found it yet.

it's been a wonderful visit, so far.
redwoods before lunch,
seafood at the (holy motherfucking tourist spot) Fisherman's Wharf,
and more rolls in the hay than there are farms here, that's fer damn sure.

i can't believe Didamo's back--
and OUT!!!
you're all jealous that I get to have lunch with her and hear all about it, aren't you?
and I'll bet you're also rather jealous that I am less than an hour away from a face to face encounter with Whitey the Magnificent.
It's going to be hard not to call him Whitey.
my husband tried out "Blackie" earlier, but it didn't sound quite right...

also, to anyone who lives in the Bay area--
i don't know how you stand the traffic.
it's INSANE.
as in, mentally unwell.

and, for the record:
typing on an unfamiliar laptop is kinda tweaky.

yes, i already have vast amounts of pictures.
thank god for digital cameras.
i took some amazing ones of the sky, right before we landed.
wrote a bit of a "thing" about it, too.
on the inside cover of my How to Blog.
cuz it's all I had.
I figured that was poetically just,
or something similar.

I miss you all.

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