Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Is it still Tuesday??

well, in my time-zone it is.

today kicked ass.
I submitted my application for admission--
to a large, lovely university close to our new house.
i even sent letters to the other two universities i've attended,
requesting transcripts.
yaaaay, me!
if they don't reject my lazy ass,
I could be a co-ed as of Fall semester...
I doubt it'll cramp my blogging style, fear not.
yeah, yeah, i know no one's worried.
and, if i'm lucky, i'll learn a little something.

my mind is racing.
which leads me to...

1. see: "my mind is racing"
2. getting to the gym, and hopping on the treadmill for the usual 7 minute speed walk warm up--and instead running 2 miles.
3. darting around from station to station, lifting heavier-than-usual weights
4. (while muttering like a fuckin' auctioneer)
5. drinking 8 gallons of water
6. calling one's mother and talking non-stop for 40 minutes. NON STOP.
like, as in--don't ask me how SHE'S doing, cuz I DON'T know.
7. calling everyone in one's phonebook and leaving inane, fast-paced messages.
8. using all of one's focus to write this list.
9. realizing the idea was a lot funnier in my head
10. there isn't a tenth, but i'm surprised i made it this far.

what a waste.
I don't know how those crackheads get anything done.

so my kids were helping me warm up some food in the microwave,
and i was thinking about how much they love to push the buttons for me.
but HEAVEN FORBID i request a "zero"--
they won't do it.
i am forced to alter the amount of time i wish to heat something,
in order to suit their finicky tastes.
i don't get it, really i don't.
it's like zero's not even a number!
that made me giggle.
maybe that IS why they balk...?
cuz it IS a number, but it's also the lack of a quantity...
fuck you.
and the ephedra-free horse you rode in on.

I love my gym.
it's the only thing in my routine that will change much, when i move.
I mean, I'll still go, but the faces will change.
there are people i've been seeing, daily, for 2 years.
no, I have never talked to a single one of them.
but I'll still miss them.
especially the hotties.
I will also miss that frumpy chick, who sweats her ASS off every day,
but still remains flopsy mopsy--wtf??
I will miss the skinny-buff chicks who inspire me.
I will miss that one guy who is still riding his (p.o.s.)motorcycle everyday--
even in snowstorms, and flirts with all the chubby girls.
I will miss the hotties.
oh, i mentioned that. hehe.
I will NOT miss that girl I used to work with at JB's restaurant, here in town.
she was in high school, i was in college.
she looks exactly like the girl who played "felicity" on the show of the same name.
only prettier.
she seriously takes my breath away.
I gawk, sometimes, by mistake.
but I haven't spoken to her.
yes, I'm a weirdo.
she was never terribly friendly, and still isn't.
(don't look at ME!! I'm friendly!!! just...not...at the gym...okay, nevermind)
I am anxious to see what the atmosphere will be like at my new gym...
and in my neighborhood!!!!
like, i might actually HAVE a neighborhood this time!
not just a "ward" that we're not a part of.
fucking mormons.
which reminds me--
it was SO nice to request a copy of my transcript from BYU to be sent to the U of U.
they're rivals.
I was itching to include something in my request like, "sod off ya fucking pricks!!"
but, i didn't figure that would speed things up much.
I still dream of the day when I will streak that campus.
okay, no I don't.
but it would ROCK.
and I will hold as one of my nearest memories last year's valentine's day...
when the mr. and I rode the elevator to the top floor of the highest building on that self-righteous, dream-shattering, oppressive campus and fucked.
...do I sound bitter?
not I.
cock suckers.

so, i'll get my revenge.
I'll be successful without them.
and then I'll write a national best-seller about what it's like to grow up Mormon.
they'll never see it coming.

so anyway.
I need a better camera.
one with a major zoom lens.
and a wide-angle lens.
and a macro setting.
that wasn't interesting enought to include here, i know.
but, bite me--my mind is racing.
this is almost as bad as being drunk.
or as good?
or, as Max said earlier, "very very more bigger"
I'm glad to see I'm instilling such a full vocabulary in them...

okay, on that note, me and my addled brain will go make dinner.
I don't have the energy left to tell you to fuck off, so i won't.
but do it anyway.

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