Monday, January 03, 2005

Braless Tuesday is here


what a fucking pathetic first "work" day of the new year
i mean, jesus.

so the kids have been off school for two weeks--
they only go a couple of hours, 3 times a week anyway, but i relish it.
so today was SUPPOSED to be the first day back to the routine for everyone.
i pulled up to the preschool, not even late, for once...
and ole Twin A decided to get out the front passenger door, while i unbuckle his brother,
instead of waiting to for me to open the door for them...
he tumbled...
it was the strangest sight, almost slow motion.
he tipped out, from the high seat of my Trooper,
and landed, head-first, on the pavement.
my poor little one.
he was fairly brave, and i figured i would calm him down and still be able to make my escape.
as i assessed the damage, i discovered a gash in the top of his head, producing quite a bit of blood.
(as head wounds are wont to do)
i tried to talk Twin B into staying at school anyway--
he wasn't having it.
they're quite attached to each other....
we went to the doctor's office, which is on our street anyway.
like 3 blocks away.
they cleaned it up way better than i could have,
and stapled it almost as good as me and my Swingline could have.
my poor little sweetie.
he was very brave,
and was even considerate enough to come home and take a nice long nap so mommy could regroup.
or veg.
or whatever the FUCK you call it when you don't have to do anything.
of course...
what i really wanted was to go to the gym, but because of the changes of plans, i didn't get to.
oh well.
did i ever write on here, my beautiful quote about that?
i'm way too lazy to look it up...
so if i already shared it with you,
please excuse my redundancy.
(or go fuck yourself)
In reference to skipping the gym--
I quiet the voices of guilt by shoving cookies in their mouths.
it's true, too.
...doesn't work very well, just for the record.

i'm going to do better tomorrow.
I will make it to the gym.
I will not eat fast food.
I will NOT drop any kids on their heads...
where's 2004 when you need it???

and have i mentioned i'm going to the bay area in a little under two weeks?
great fun and relaxation are top on my to do list.
i get to meet a blogger.
I'm really excited, as this will be my first blogger meeting.
I was supposed to meet Belle last summer, but she had a family emergency and end up chickening out cancelling...
i'm hoping that it's not awkward when i ask my husband to take pictures of us--
you guys are DISGUSTING.
just pictures.
regular, run of the mill, nude photos.
oh, should i tell you who the blogger is, so you can decide whether to be jealous of me or of him?
personally, i'm jealous of me.
i mean.
if i were you, i would be more jealous of me.
...and i would sorta feel bad for him.
i'm a bit of a freak.
or maybe i'm so normal it's sleep-inducing.
we'll see.
but i do promise you pictures.
and if i look like a crazy bag lady in them, you'll only see him.
is it a deal?
it's a deal.

oooh, braless tuesday!!
well, not yet, but it will be by the time most of you read this.
so, if i haven't posted a picture of some kind, remind me.
i'm in the process of re-installing/setting up my FTP thinger, so i can quit using Hello.
it's a good program, it's just cooler to do it the other way.
and i'm all about cool.
or is that drool?
eh, either way.

I think this picture is going to look really good with my new background.
Those sheets are such a lovely shade of pale sage green...

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