Monday, January 10, 2005

monday's child stayed in bed nice and late

well, I did, at least.

and why am I trying to write a post before I've fully awoken??
...probably because of my ever-decreasing IQ.
I did kick all sorts of ass at on-line Texas Hold 'Em, though.
and that takes some sort of brain power--or luck?

I have nothing to say today.

so go read this wonderful story that Kat told the other day.
(I'll warn you, I cried AND laughed--and I don't have PMS)
or go read this book-in-the-making from the newest member of The Real World...Blogger Style.
it is VERY compelling stuff.
OR go read any one of the fabulous links on my sidebar that you've never read before--I promise they're good.

I'm such a slacker.
I apologize.
I'll write something non-shitty later.
and no, neither the quality nor the actual appearance of a post are guaranteed.
have a great monday anyway--
at least we have TUESDAY to look forward to!!

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