Friday, January 07, 2005

Fantasy Friday #54

I am a little bit more in the mood to write this today.
just to give myself a little boost,
to try to make it especially hot,
i'll put in my favorite song for fucking.

Fantasy Friday--

I can picture you, the soft kisses turning frenzied,
as we both fight to control ourselves,
fight to stay clothed.
We both moan slightly, and was that a whimper?
Your hands are hot, through my thin shirt
and my nipples are nearly poking holes in it, trying to be touched by you.
My hands stay locked in your hair, for fear of what i will do with them if they do not.
Your weight is on me, pressing me into the corner of the couch,
and the hardness in your jeans is pressing against me in almost the right spot--
making it that much worse...
The music is loud,
The doors are locked.
We know we shouldn't be here.
Your mouth on mine is the most perfect feeling I've ever smiled my way into.
I want to feel your mouth on every part of my body, but we can't.
You stop kissing me.
You sit back a little, and begin to catch your breath.
The dazed look in your eyes pushes me over the edge and I lunge for you,
knocking you onto your back.
I am ripping your pants off before you can remind me to stop.
You pull my shirt off so hard it rips, as you murmur something like, "stop...",
just before you fill your mouth with my soft breast,
and growl at the uncooperative buttons on my pants.
I fumble with them in my own haste, and tug at your t-shirt.
You pause again, to look at me, as if to ask if i'm sure...
I smile, bite my lip and pull your naked body onto mine.
It feels even better than I thought it would,
and I shiver with the overwhelming need to be filled by you.
Your hands in my hair, pulling my face to yours,
and our kisses are hotter and deeper than before--
I leave red trails down your back,
you leave bite marks on my neck, shoulders, thighs...
You slide into place, a perfect fit--as man is for woman.
Needing, moaning, panting.
We claw at each other, sweaty and out of breath,
as the music plays on, and the world floats past--
as unaware of us as we are of it.

The song?
Nine Inch Nails' "Closer"
Good fuckin' song.
Good fucking song.

have a happy and fuck-filled weekend, kiddos!

1 comment:

Hazel O'Brien said...

I had my first kiss to that song. The CD started skipping on the word 'fuck', and it sounded like NIN was cheering us on: "fuck! fuck! fuck!"
Good times.
P.S. Pretty hot fantasy you got there. :)