Tuesday, February 10, 2004

what a busy day ahead

so what am i doing here??
i have to get the guest room ready for my husband's brother, in town from Portland.
i also have to go all the way to my husband's office to take him his phone and a stack of papers.
and stop at the bank.
and go to the pampered chef lady's house to turn in all the orders.
and of course, the gym.
and i only have until 4:30 to do all of these things because we're leaving to go to salt lake...
Linkin Park/POD show.
and me without my Docs.
my feet are shaking with fear.
sad that i'm torn over footwear.
i am certain that we'll be in a heaving throng and even my feet will be squashed...
but all i want to wear are those gigantimous open toed shoes from new year's eve.
i won't though.
that would be like signing up for the free crutches they're offering if you'll only break your ankle...

so i think i'm finally over my girls gone wild of the other day.
it was pointed out to me that i don't get out much, and it's true.
doesn't take much to get me excited.
yes, like that, too.
but i've been sort of hiding in baggy clothes for the past 4 years so it was more exciting than just a night on the town.
cuz we do that plenty.
it was about feeling desirable again.
it was about getting that kind of attention from unknown males...
that kind that i used to love so much.
but guess what the best part was?
going home with the greatest guy in the place.
and unlike the single years, it was not a one stand.
it's my life.
and unlike this time last year, i was happy about it.
i'll have to tell you all the story of rock bottom sometime...
in case any of you are wondering: marriage is tough.
it is not just push play and the wedding video keeps rolling, and the honeymoon lasts forever.
you have to cross a certain ugly bridge before the honeymoon starts over.
for most people.
some are lucky and never have to do that part.
but i think i'm lucky that i came through intact.
and better than ever.
cuz this time around, i appreciate the honeymoon exponentially more.
you know, taste the bitter to enjoy the sweet, etc.

blah blah, too serious, blah blah.

so if your triceps are sore raise your hand.
or just push your arm back like this---
serves me right for being such a dumbass, i guess.

more later maybe.

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