Friday, February 06, 2004

Is it friday already??

and you know what that means...

Fantasy Friday XI: BathTime

why don't you join me in the bath?

i'll fill the enormous, jetted tub with soft silky bath oils and large fluffy bubbles.
we'll light candles and sip wine.
will there be music playing?
in my dream, yes.
maybe some soft opera, or some barry white?
perhaps it'll just be the panting and splashing of two in a tub.
you choose your own soundtrack.
we'll slip and slide and get as dirty as the law of irony allows.
sitting on your lap i'll kiss your neck, bite your ear.
you'll dive under the water and lick like the lapping of waves...

or maybe i'll just wash your back, and kiss your shoulders.
then you'll help me shave...

and you'll rub my feet while i lay back and close my eyes.
opening them only when your hands reach more tender places and your mouth finds mine.
we'll move to that perfect spot in front of the fireplace, the one made for lovers.
and the flames will dry us for a moment before the sweat makes us slippery again...
either way, the afternoon is ours--until my neighbor gets home from work and we have to sneak out the back, giggling and tripping and hoping we didn't leave behind a token of our mischief...the corkscrew or a garter, perhaps the bath will smell odd...she'll never know.

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