Friday, February 27, 2004

Fantasy Friday??

damn, i almost forgot.
maybe that's a sign...
i was over at The Real World blogger style, sitting in the hot tub throwing around more sexual inuendos and open invitations than a band of horny teenage boys thrown into a swingers convention.

so you'd think i'd have plenty to write about...
but i'm too distracted by all the fun.
so if you ever are bored, head on over there. them's some fun folks.

we did a little haiku thing, which i almost ran away from, in fear of having my ignorance exposed. but, in true real world style, i faced my fear and with lots of tears and hugging...grew as a person. okay, minus the tears and hugging, and really not so much with the personal growth...but i did grasp the concept and churn one out.
so here it is

skin slides over skin
breathing heavy tongues touch lips
then your mom walks in

and my newest friend/lover/sidekick/coke habit composed one that fits the theme, so she said i could post it. That would be dvl, from the Real World Blogger Style. She is bloggless as far as i know, but i've been too busy chatting to research that point, so if i'm wrong, sue me or bite me or really can't we all just get along??

forbidden lovers
sneak away and meet at lunch
feeding hungry hearts

and i'm in love with haikus, officially.
so expect to see more of them in the future.
perhaps a haiku wednesday or something...
i will write smut tomorrow.
my king sized bed/husband are calling to me.
(and yes both bed and husband are king sized...)

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