Friday, February 27, 2004

flying by the seat of my tight little pants

somehow that didn't sound as sexy as i intended.
anyway, on a whim i went to the salon with my grilfriend...
and you'll never guess what i did.
no, not THAT.
perhaps someday, with some girl, but not this one.
oh she's pretty enough, but far too conservative.
how'd i get off on that tangent??
one track mind.
reminds of the nickname i got in college.
8 track mind.
it was a one track mind, as far as being boy crazy--everything revolved around meeting boys, talking to boys, kissing boys.
BUT, i always had about 8 crushes at once.
yeah, i know, i'm kind of a huge-normous dork.
kind of???
totally and completely, but i'm okay with that.
back to the salon.
i dyed my hair.
really dark.
some red, but mostly dark.
it looks fucking awesome.
and the coolest part is that she also dyed my eyebrows.
...which revealed the unbeknownst large amount of eyebrow hair.
it was basically invisible before so i never bothered to pluck.
she waxed em too.
doesn't hurt nearly as bad as everyone says.
bunch of sissies.
that's my word of the day.
for other people, not for me.
i'm a bad ass mother fucker.
quite literally, if you want to know the truth.
i'm bad, i'm an ass, i'm a mother, and if the hubby's here--i'm a fucker.
yeah, i know.
i've already admitted to being a bigger dork than anyone you've ever met or will meet.
and yes, there will be pictures forthcoming.
it's just that it's all stiff and full of salon junkola right now and not particularly at its best.


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