Sunday, February 15, 2004

oh what a night...late december back in 63

name that band.

so anyway.
it was a great night and yet here i am...
could this be considered an obsession, perhaps??
oh well.

but the thing is, i had to report the coolest thing.
in my world.
apparently yeseterday's first story inspired my husband...
we had a couple of drinks.
then walked onto byu campus.
then rode to the top of the tallest building.
12 stories.
and proceeded to do what comes naturally...
and no i don't mean stand there awkwardly, trying not to make eye contact with any of the other co-occupants.
i took sociology 101 in that building.
think they know how tempting it is to have sex there?
campus was desserted, except for the dances going on in one corner.
as we walked through a couple of buildings to get to the one we needed, we decided that if it was locked any of the other buildings would do.
turning back was not an option.
this was the ultimate desecration of holy land for me.
you have NO idea.
the only thing that would have made it better is if we weren't married., and ok, maybe having illegal substances in our bodies and/or having a third person join in the fun...but you know what i'm saying.

yeah, looks like i'm a "kiss and tell" kind of girl.
i guess all i have to say to that is: neener neener.
fantastic night all around.
you know how sometimes you plan stuff and it doesn't happen right, or you're not in the right mood when it comes down?
today was smooooooth sailing.
great dinner.
perfect gifts for each other.
and love in an elevator.
g.o.d. what a rush!
okay, so it was highly unlikely that we would get caught.
but still.

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