Monday, February 23, 2004

i think my hangover skipped a day...

what does that mean??
i know with working out if you're not sore the day after a workout but you are sore the day after that, then it was a deeper workout.
does this mean i was a deeper shade of drunk?
cuz i feel just as bad today as i did yesterday.
i'm turning into a one woman liquor store here!
but when there is karaoke on the table, i can't resist the bottle...
that's a strange brand of alcoholism.
i wonder if there's a Karaoke Anonymous?
with a branch for karaoke alcoholics, which is separate from the regular karaoke addicts group?
i bet Tyler Durden has been to that meeting.

do you ever feel like a hamster, running on his little wheel?
or for that matter, like i do on a treadmill?
i clean the house, do the laundry, do the dishes...
but they're never done.
there's no end.
i guess that's sort of a defeatist way to look at life.
those are supposed to be the little things, the things you just do cuz they have to be done, but they don't take over your world...
they are my world.
and in my world, i'm the boss and the slacker lazy ass on-probation employee.
I should fire my ass.
and hire us a nice little maid (fat and ugly, don't even suggest otherwise).
well, unless it's a boy maid.
then he better be hot and thorough.
or i could just suck it up and pretend i love my job.
fuck that.
i think i know the answer to that tree falling in the forest riddle.
if no one is here to see, then my house is actually spotless.
now, i don't want you to think i'm living in a pigsty.
cuz i'm not.
i love order and neatness and that is why it bugs me when i have to gallop all day just to keep up.
i'd love to just lay around and let someone else do it all.
at least occassionally.
like on day two of a hangover...
any takers?
i'll give you five bucks.
and a little nookie.
and yes, i'll wear the french maid uniform.

watched The L Word again last night.
it still sucks.
and i've decided that one of the main problems is the casting.
most of the actors are wrong for the role.
the blond pregnant one?
hate her.
she's a terrible actress and does not fit that role.
the boyfriend/husband who walked in on his girlfriend with another woman?
i like him as an actor, but something's not quite right there.
maybe it's just the script.
or the direction.
because there are very few little nips of goodness about that show.
there was one moment of steaminess last night, but certainly not enough to justify watching the whole damn show.
no, it was just enough to drive my lazy ass up a few channels, to skinemax (i say lazy because there is a stack of juicy DVD's in the closet but that's too much work) for the main course.
oh well.
i guess the world does not revolve around my sexual pleasure after all.
i should look into that...

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