Monday, February 02, 2004

feeling all sorts of left out

and annoyed at myself for being a slacker.
the first edition of Lick was launched yesterday.
by its fabulous editor, Tony Pierce, who is the Moby Dick of the blog world...
or would that be captain ahab??
maybe it's just that his well of writing is as vast and ever changingly beautiful as the ocean itself.
aw hell, he's a pimp, okay?
in any case this new venture is wonderful
and i meant to write something for it...
good intentions are my greatest downfall.
or the worst of my bad habits.
or the sprinkles on my Failure Sundae.
am I beating myself up over this?
nah, not really.
i'm just afraid that now that it's been published there will be too many participants.
or that i'll look like a band wa-gon jumper on-er.
oh well.
and i had some great stuff i could have contributed to this issue.(look how modest all of a sudden)
i will save it for another time though, so it's okay.
but here's one of the assignments:
a list of things about me that would make my mom sad if she knew them...

1. that i have smoked pot
2. how many guys i had casual-ish sex with
3. how much i bad mouth her church
4. how much i like her first husband and his wife
5. how much i drink when i'm home for visits.
6. how much i swear and how much i talk about/think about/practice sex
7. particularly that i would like to kiss a girl

(and yes, this is partly to make up for that crap assed list yesterday)

well, there are more things i could add, but they make ME sad. =)
so, i will contribute to that gorgeous creation soon.

and i think that i will swing by the dr.'s office today and have my stupid thyroid checked.
i was supposed to go about a month ago, so on my timeline, i'll be about 6 months early.
i'm not too worried.
i expect that he'll keep my dose the same.
i feel great.
if he lowers it, i'm totally taking double and he can piss up a fucking rope.

my feet are cold.
what's new there?
but still.
i need some new slippers.
sad but true.
that's what happens when most of one's time is spent in one's home.
i hate shoes.
i hate socks more.
slippers work okay...
bare feet are the best of all, but if the damn things are going to be cold--
did i just write THAT many sentences about slippers and cold feet????
fucking pathetic.

so my friend's turning 29 this week and she's really bummed about it.
cuz she's not really in her 20's anymore but she's not 30 either.
she's excited to be 30, but she's pissed at this year for standing in the way.
i think it's cute.
so i'm going to try to do something special for her...
she lives in florida, though so it won't be easy.
maybe i'll send her a bunch of new (wink wink) DVD's.
ooh, and speaking of wink wink...
maybe i'll send her some of THOSE dvd's...
of course, i don't have her mailing address.
do you think Friend, southern Florida, usa would get there???
oh come on.
it works in MY hometown.
you can put the person's name, their street (even if they have p.o. box is their actual address) and the town, spelled incorrectly, with no zip.
it gets there just fine.
i even put Grammy Mc----- and the town, no street and it got there.
i'm sort of a dumbass for doing that, frankly, but still.
test the system.
keep em on their toes.
spice it up for those poor postal workers.
keeps em from getting so damn disgruntled.

i've had enough whine this morning that i'm feeling a bit hungover.
well, headachy and ornery and dying to crawl back into bed and lock the door, at least.
same thing.

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