Saturday, February 21, 2004

i should be showering

and no, that's not a reference to yesterday's story.
i just need to take a shower, and i'm suppsed to be leaving right now...

i had a waking nightmare today, and i need to share.
headed out to do "the" grocery shopping.
stopped at the atm to check my balance, make sure hubby had transferred my grocery money into my account.
(this is easier for him and makes me feel all sorts of falsely independent)
it was there, and i decided to take out $20 so i didn't have to run the card at the health food store.
as i took my cash and receipt...
and began to roll up my window...
the stupid machine was still beeping.
so i drove away and went to the health food store.
spent my twenty, and noticed my card was not in my wallet.
must have left it in the car.
forgot to check, went into the grocery store, spent an hour or so picking out everything i needed.
including some kick ass swordfish steaks and some cool face wash clothes for after the gym....
yes, my life is THAT dull.
so, as i head to the check out, i remember i never retrieved the debit card.
i don't have alternate methods of payment...
so i stash the cart and run to my car.
no card.
and as i peer beneath the seat from a really strange and uncomfortable angle....
it hits me.
that beeping?
it was ATM language for: you forgot your card dumbass!!!
so i run back in and take my cart to a helpful employee who stashes it in the walk in meat locker.
while i drive home with the blood pressure of a heart attack victim....
hubby was not impressed.

oh well.
at least it's over.
and now i'm heading to dinner at my brother's house.
and then it's off to celebrate a friend's birthday in a drunken and happy manor.
and hopefully i'll have the time/energy/motivation to give the hubby a little lovin somewhere in all that.
preferably NOT in the guest room at my brother's.
maybe we'll have to stop by BYU....

happy saturday to you.

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