Friday, February 27, 2004

Fantasy Friday

I had so much fun with haikus last night, that i think i'll stick with that.
but since they'll be dirty, nay--limerick-like, i'll call them limerickus, or haiku-ericks...erm..
(and please keep in mind i'm just spitting these out as i go, so they may completely suck)

a hand on my thigh
as i look into your eyes
my knee rubs your crotch

soft and smooth you are
i love to be touched by you
right there--oh...oh...ooooooooh

alone in the house
"when i think about you i--"
think about you lots

standing in the hall
your voice echos, loud with rage
you were early home

steaming up windows
paradise by dashboard light?
licking, sucking you

whips handcuffs leather
pain is pleasure, pleasure is--
your ass is mine, bitch

rose petals champagne
two girls kiss for the first time
and can not stop there

the roar of a bike
cling to you, wind in my hair
ride into the night

I am on my knees
you grab my hair and breathe hard
just like that baby

long coat, little else
you sit at your desk waiting--
for me, with no idea

my ecstasy loud
we rock the bed to the wall
this is perfection

we are not alone
you may join us if you wish
we love to be watched

you touch me just right
without even trying you
make me moan and scream

covered in chocolate
i lick you from head to toe
hoping you'll lick back

wet before we touch
i have waited for so long
slide you into me

seeing you again
was like remembering why
i ever felt love

thinking of you now
is like travelling through time
we are together

the first time we touched
i knew you would not be mine
for more than a day

panting writhing us
loud music playing nearby
the party goes on

forbidden passion
i need you you need me too
we will not get caught

p.s. I have had reports of a particular user not being able to access my comments, so if anyone else has problems, please email me, as your comments are valuable to me.

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