Sunday, February 22, 2004

found a great hangover cure...

okay, maybe "great" is stretching it a bit.
and "cure" makes it sound a little too healthy and/or good.
after lying on my friend's bathroom floor for an hour, wishing i could puke...
i took a bowl for the ride home.
and thank god for that.
filled that sucker to the brim.
damn but i hate puking.
but, as i said, the good news is puking=no hangover.
so maybe i'll stop talking about it now and we'll all feel better.

we had a great time, before all that.
and i feel the need to mention: i wasn't even particularly drunk, oddly enough.
went to the same bar as before, sang karaoke again.
only this time we chose the song.
i can't remember the song.
that's pretty sad.
anyway, we sounded a lot better than before--oh, better man.
they closed before we got around to singing again, but i think we've found a new hobby.
anyone know a good voice teacher???
i could use a few (thousand) lessons...
oh well.
it's fun and that's all that matters to me.
and lots of people sang good songs.
i did a little better at pool and we gave a tour of the ladies room to a couple of guys.
they were impressed and envious.
it is rather pretty.

so, my husband won a "meet and greet" pass to one of the metallica shows we're going to.
i am so insanely jealous.
we're working on some blueprints for a "fat guy" suit for him to wear that would have a hollow place for me to hide inside.
and when i say "working on"...
well, i really just mean more like "not working on".
but you get the idea.
if i could pass as his conjoined twin, i'd do it.
if i could dress in camouflage and hope they wouldn't notice me, i'd do it.
i would stutter like a 14 year old geek asking out the hot neighbor girl.
that's okay.
we'll be in the front row.
and the first show is 3 weeks from yesterday.
holy fuck.
i think i'm going to pee my pants, i'm so excited!!!
or at least start shopping for leather pants.
and a temporary Metallica tatoo.
and/or a real one...
okay, not really.
but i do need a new tatoo.
just not that.

i just sent hubby off to the airport.
he's going to phoenix for a couple of days for a training course.
i'm kind of excited to have a cople of evenings to myself for writing...
we'll see if i actually get anything done...
maybe a pool boy or two...
but that doesn't count.

also, i have a bunch of emails to catch up on.
i have developed a really strange aversion to email.
it might be an allergy, or a phobia, but i haven't decided yet.
at any rate, it's highly unsettling.
i just want less contact with real people, is that too much to ask??
i mean, email is so invasive and personal.
so present and demanding...
okay, so none of that stuff is true.
but i couldn't think of anything else.
back off.
even if i don't have a hangover, i still didn't get much sleep.
and that's my excuse for my brain dead state today.
check back tomorrow for a new and exciting excuse.

now i think i'll try to write a little something for the most fabulous Lick Magazine.
if you haven't checked it out yet, please take a moment and do so.
you'll thank me later.
oh yes you will.
even if i have to bitch slap it out of you.

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