Sunday, February 08, 2004

and also...

i just realized how much i loved being an exhibitionist last night.
that kicked so much literal and figurative ass that i don't even make sense, but who cares.
to put in into laymen's terms: it was cool.

i think it's hilarious how much boys like such things.
all boys.

you should scroll down and read the post from late last night/early this morning first.
just a suggestion....

i am having random memories float back to me, so i guess i'll puke them out here.
i sat on a girl's lap.
a girl who had been sitting on my brother in law's lap.
i felt powerful and beautiful every time i bent down to make a shot--or should i say take a shot, cuz i didn't make many.
i lost every game.
buying michelobe ultras, two at a time and drinking them fast.
listening to a rather impressive rendition of The Doors' Touch me, and singing along with B. while we waited for drinks...
i remember B. flashing my bra to the dude she met.
and she made me smell his cologney boy smell.
which is not fair because it's so yummy.
and she kept saying "i just want to put something there." and sticking her finger in my cleavage.
so she stuck a boy's loooong blond ponytail there.
and the pool cue.
it was all so silly.
it was that perfect kind of happy drunkenness, you know?
where everyone has a fantastically superbly wonderful silly time.
and everyone smiles a lot and laughs even more and flirts with each other.

and did i mention I SANG KARAOKE???
dancing like a rock star.
or a spaz--hard to tell when you're drunk...
but now i have the fever.
you know the one.
ew, not that one.
the desire to get on stage with a microphone again.

scroll down for a picture...

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