Thursday, February 05, 2004

a couple of things...

first of all, some rather exciting news:
i have struck a rather shady deal with a rather shady character for a guest post.
not so exciting, you may think.
what if i told you it would be a FANTASY FRIDAY guest post????
i know.
this author would prefer to remain anonymous, so i won't say anything else.
but this: i had a taste of the writing yesterday and i think it's safe to say we're in for a treat--of the edible undies variety.

i can't believe i keep forgetting to mention this.
it's old news, but whatever.
during the state of the union...
did anyone else notice that the president distictly said, "nuke-u-lar"?
we even tivo'ed back to make sure.
not nuke-lee-ar.
i'm so non-politcal i don't even give a crap if he's a good or bad president.
i figure, the rest of you are out there sweating, pissing, and moaning about it, so i'll just read some quick platform sketches, then go vote.
or not.
just kidding.

also, a certain "not to be named" friend of mine told me the greatest story yesterday.
she and a girlfriend went to a nevada border town for an evening of gambling but mostly for the free beer.
which they took full advantage of...
and got a little friendly horny.
they were hardcore making out--in the bathroom...
and got kicked out.
kicked out of a casino for making out with a girl.
it really is a sick sad world.

the story of my very first attempt at smoking...
the wacky tobacky, that is.
we had hiked to this gorgeous little river which had natural hot springs for soaking.
it is a common hangout for naked over 40's, underage drinkers, wary boy scouts and people doing drugs of every kind.
there are not often more than 10 or 15 people there at a time, i should mention, cuz that made it sound like a city street.
so the hot dude we were with says he's going to fill his pipe.
he walks off a little distance, and has his back turned.
after finishing my conversation half-drunk babbling with my friend, i wandered over.
his back was still turned.
"can i suck on that?" --me
trying to be cute or clever, but mostly not a rookie.
he glances over his shoulder as he zips his pants.
"uh..." --him
well, hey, whichever.

which reminds me of another time i made a guy squirm.
i had just started dating someone, but there was this guy at work who wanted me.
he had just stuck an unlit cigarette in his mouth in preparation of going outside to smoke it.
i grabbed it with my lips and pulled it out of his mouth.
his pants all of a sudden became uncomfortably tight in an uncomfortable place.

pardon all the stories, i know you were expecting incoherant rambling.
i can work on that now, if you like...
i did have some cuckoo dreams last night though.
not a surprise.
as i mentioned in the comments, i dreamed that a male blogger was doing a joint blog with his wife and when i looked at her profile thingy it said squishybear and i realized i had known her all along, and why in the hell would i dream something like that???
how sad is it that i dream of this pseudo world?
crazy girl.

took some pictures in the bath the other day.
some for the hubby and some for you fine folks.
and no, i'm not going to slip some of his in here by mistake, but thanks for asking.
no really, it makes me blush to think you'd want to see such things, but i couldn't.
okay, now you're scaring me--just drop it, okay?
i'm working on cropping and shrinking them--and disguising the mildew in my tile grout.
it's clean NOW, but i didn't notice it until i looked at the pictures.
holy fuck!!!
i just remembered our new kick ass photo printer is arriving today!!!!!!!
fuckin' A.
i am beyond thrilled.

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