Wednesday, February 04, 2004

it's 10 you know where you coffee is??

i wish i liked coffee.
i like it with a ten pound bag of sugar, and a gallon of milk.
but it doesn't wake me up and it does unpleasant things to me.
chai tea is tasty, but i get so confused about whether i'm drinking tai chi and practicing chai tea, or the other way around...

so the pampered chef party...
it was kind of fun, but i'm so not cut out for that kind of thing.
i just don't have the required "pusy salesperson" (oh that's cute. i'm not fixing it, but it should have said PUSHY) personality.
i'll never do it again...i hate the idea of inviiting people to my home to spend money.
it's so obvious...
i don't know, i kind of hate inviting people to birthday parties, for the same reason: buy me/my kids something and make it good, dammit.
maybe i have a rare behind the curtain/great and powerful Oz neurosis...
can't enjoy things for seeing the inner workings.
seeing the down and dirty nitty gritty details.

oh well, the good news is i got a recipe.
(that's how they reel you in, by the way)
for--dun dun dun--raspberry lemonade, which--if made with splenda(you saw that coming, didn't you)--is nearly carb free.
why the hell else would i mention it??
i really need to change the blog description to: talks incessantly about bratty kids and low carb food.
bet i'd get tons of new readers then.
cuz everyone says they want boob pictures and witty banter, but i know the truth.
they want to be bored.
so bored that they'd rather scratch out their own eyes than read another word.
so nauseated by the stench of nothing happening that they would give all their money just to puke, so that something would happen.
oh yeah, that's everyone's secret dream.
there's too much excitment in this world.

but really, how cute are little boys running around with just shirts on, and their little teensy bottoms peeking out??
that, my friends, is cute.
do i know where their pants are?
do i know why they discarded them?
but it's cuter than cute and that's all i know.

snow today.
glad to have nowhere to go.
shut up.
i didn't ask you.
i know i should go to the gym, but, please.
how could i go out in this weather?
and besides, it's almost 11 o'clock, and i haven't showered yet.
my husband has also NOT left for work, but no one's giving HIM a hard time about it!
why don't you get on HIS case once in a while, huh?
just cuz he doesn't really have a boss and can come and go as he pleases....

it's amazing how much my boys look like each other from certain angles.
we have never figured out for sure whether or not they're identical.
they're probably not, but damn.
sometimes i see one of them, and know it's him, but could swear it's his brother.
not often, mind you.
and i always know which one he really is, but for a second i'm just stopped in my tracks, jaw gaping.
holy shit.


well, apparently i'm not the only one talking about boredom today...
but Clay doesn't seem to agree with my above outlined joys of boredom.
i don't blame him a bit.
nothing worse than tedious work.

also, test results:
thyroid levels normal.
woooooooooo fuckin hoooooooooooo
now i'll get to keep on this dose, which maybe i really did need in the first place.
but it also shows how inredibly fucking stupid the test is.
i was 6 weeks OFF my meds when they tested last time and put me on this higher dose.
i've been on it for 3 months.
test comes back "normal"???
get a clue people.
get a better test.

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