Sunday, February 01, 2004

making cookies

is kind of a fun way to test my will power.
doing okay so far...
not licking the spoon is the hardest part.
did i just say 'licking' and 'hardest part' in the same sentence?
that is rather fun.

so i've lost 4 inches and 8 pounds.
not too shabby.
will i be ready for leather pants by the Metallica Vegas show?
6 weeks?
no problem.

i have cooked up a carb free storm and i think we're ready for the super bowl.
we even have carb free soda to mix with hard alcohol, which is also carb free.
in case anyone's wondering...
there are NO main stream sodas available with splenda.
there are a few available at health food stores but mostly in weird flavors.
oh well.
i'm not so much into soda anyway, it's just that i can't handle straight vodka. bleh.

i am feeling like my life is more boring than a study hall with no books, pen or paper.
i had some more odd dreams, but nothing interesting.
a day in the life is lisa is like staring at the ceiling.
the biggest thrill in my life is the rare, uninterupted shower.
and i don't even mean that kind of thrill.

where's my fire?
where's my pep, pizzaz, panache?
where's the thrill? (and don't say on blueberry hill, cuz i already checked there, and someone beat me to it.)

if youth is wasted on the young, then what about THIS time of my life?
sort of the middle ground.
not old, not young.
not even middle aged.
so is it wasted?
nah, actually it's the best time of all.
gone are the insecurities of youth (hey--most of em, at least, so back off!!)
and i am comfortable.
bored sometimes, but content.
that's a good thing, i guess.
i remember being young and wondering what was ahead, hoping i would find my prince charming and have a perfect life.
no one has a perfect life, but mine is pretty damn close.

so where did all the interesting stuff go?
you know, the stuff in my head.
the stuff i could say that would make people smile or laugh or look nervously over their shoulder?
it's probably on blueberry hill.
and some other joker found it.

i think that grubby little neighbor kids should stay at their own houses.
step son came across a real winner yesterday and they've been together all weekend.
have i ever mentioned that i hate kids?
you probably could have guessed...
i love mine to pieces and they still drive me.
other people's kids??
if you stay out of my way and do amusing things and don't ask for drinks or snacks or ATTENTION, you're welcome in my home for brief periods.
if not?
well, i believe you can guess.
i'm having no part of it.
this doesn't usually include relatives or friends' kids....
but sometimes.

i was driving along yesterday, singing along to the radio.
and i realized, i could do karaoke.
i really could.
as long as it's the right song.
which reminds me...
there was a guy in my high school who had a really great singing voice.
he was at the karaoke bar last summer when i was home.
he did a duet and the other guy sucked.
HE sounded, well, not so great either.
afterward i walked over to him and said, dude?? i was expecting you to carry his sorry ass, what are you doing??
he explained that he's a lobsterman now and he can't look like a pussy.
sad, sad world.

well, only two hours til we head for the party.
guess i could shower or something.

well, have a great day.
go Pats.

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