Wednesday, February 18, 2004

just a quick one

brain dead.
no sleep last night...
i have this intensely sore throat which oddly kept me awake.
tossing and turning and dreaming of a cheating husband.
he's such a prick that way.
always with the sleeping with hot girls while i'm asleep.
he's not too pleased with it either, since he doesn't get to have the dreams himself...

so, we nixed the Vegas idea since there was a snow storm moving in...
and also...
10 hours in the car in one day...
with my dad driving...
not pretty.
couldn't be as bad as the time last summer when he insisted on chaufering me on a 6 hour round trip.
this meant that i would be wedged between the two carseats in the back of a cadillac with great air conditioning which he refused to use...
why---cuz it'll eat up all that premium fucking gas??
crazy old man.
that was a bad day.

we're having fun and my throat hurts but i'll live.
most likely.
mom took me shopping--woo hoo!
i love clothes.

time to go.

feeling all sorts of confused from my lack of internet activity...
if you don't hear from me again soon, send help.
or naked pictures.

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