Friday, February 13, 2004

some bonus love in honor of the big day

Fantasty Friday XII-b

waiting for the knock on the door.
lying there in the dark.
her breathing competes with the ticking of the clock.
her roommate asleep in the bunk bed above.
the cool sheets against her naked body remind her to check the clock.
he's late.
she's ready.
oh god, is she ready.
she reaches down to touch the smooth place where there used to be hair, and teases herself for a moment.
finally the soft knock on the door, and he slips into bed with her.
you're sure? he asks, kicking his pants to the floor.
now, she says.
now, she moans.
--are you really a virgin?
ask me again in five minutes, she whispers, pulling him into her with a gasp.
the bed creaks in a frantic rhythm, as she completes the last item on her list of "things to do when i get to college."
this is better than i expected, she thinks to herself as the sweet, nameless boy kisses her neck and rocks his pelvis--just so, hitting that perfect spot....
she feels freer already.
free of her clingy parents and her small town boyfriend.
free of her own fears of this unknown.
when he collapses next to her on that tiny bed she only gives him a moment to catch his breath before climbing him, ready to devour him whole.
she pins his arms above his head and kisses him hard.
then she slides down, down.
caressing and licking, bringing him back to life.
the bed above creaks as her roommate rolls over.
they pause, for a moment, wondering if they've been caught.
the roommate peeks over the edge, her long hair spilling down to brush the other girl's shoulder, grinning broadly.
can i play?

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