Friday, February 20, 2004

is it too late for lovin?

never too late.
sure, maybe some of you will miss out.
but that's not my problem.
you'll deal.

okay, here goes.

Fantasy Friday XIII

i was thinking about you in the shower again.
that's dangerous, by the way.
i'm going to end up blacking out and hitting my head and drowning.
but i was.
i was pretending you were in there with me.
that it was your hand rubbing gently.
that you were pressing me against the tiles, my leg around yours for support.
your strong back, your washboard stomach.
i imagined touching every inch of you.
i imagined that you grabbed my ass to pull me close.
i almost felt your lips on my neck, my ear, my mouth.
i could smell that unmistakable man-smell in my fruit and flower shower.
i could taste your skin, as the salt was washed away.
you were there.
the hand on my tits was yours.
the pleasure i felt was delivered by you.
i wanted more of you, all of you.
I felt your weight against me, as i reached that sweet crescendo.
but when i opened my eyes, you were gone.

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