Friday, February 20, 2004


i've got nothing.
nothing to say.
no stories to tell.
no songs to sing.
no fish to fry.
no fat to chew.

my head is full of that crap it's full of when you have a cold.
i'm tired.
but i had a nice dinner with lots of family.
it's so weird to not be mormon sometimes.

my stupid cell phone is a piece of shit.

my dad bought a truck today.
but wait, doesn't he live 3,000 miles away?
he's sort of addicted to buying vehicles.
last time he came out here, he bought a cadillac.
do they NOT sell cars in Maine??
apparently he's already bought them all...

i wish i had something fantastic to write tonight.
something mind blowing or mildly entertaining.
something that would turn your night to day, or sweep all the clouds away.
if i could just dig down and pull (like lint from between my toes) something deep and insightful from the depths of me.
i would do it.
for you (and you).
i wish i had something something something.

and i just realized tomorrow's friday.
this self imposed deadline.
i will write something...

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