Sunday, February 08, 2004

just got home from the b.a.r.

karaoke night.
and i did it.
but i did...NIN, even.
a duet.
yeah, scary.
but it's true: i do want to fuck you like an animal.
and OH. MY. GOD.
i wore a shirt that shows my cleavage and thensome.
it was fun.
single friend picked up cute boys.
i got to flirt anyway.
lots of pool.
but no winning
well, not for me.
lots of snow.
but no accidents.
well, not for me.

still drunk enoough to take a picture of how far out my "girls" were...
had so much fun.
have not been this drunk since the alst time i was....
well, you know what i mean.
it's been a while.
feels great.
we all had a great time.
lots of people ended up meeting us at the bar.
some fan fucking tastic bar out in some little town.
but it was karaoke night.
and i sang closer.
and becky and i copped feels.
and she got to kiss cute boys, and will probably fuck at least one of them before i make it up stairs to find my flannel pjs.
good stuff.
i suck at pool.
and i love playing.
i suck at singing, too.
i just tooke (that e doesn't belong there) pictures of my display case.
i mean shirt.
will post if boss sing s off. signs off.
spelling is less easy when drunk than other stuff.
there's probably more but i don't know right now.
i will also probably be drunk tomorrow.
i meant hung over.
but i just ate a flintstone's vitamin cuz they say vitamins help the drunk to not be weary or hungoever fuck i meant hungover. shit damn cocksuckin fools.
its coold in here but i need to get into my pjs.
hubby needs some lovin after proprietarily drooling over the knockers all night.
wrong time of the lunar cycle.
life is stupid sometimes.
but at least i have this place to put words and click on keys on a keyboard even if the 's' sticks sometimes .
even if there is cotton so thick and soft growing in my head.
it was julie's birthday today.
she's 21.
she was with the boys that my single friend was buddying up to.
cute little boys who would have been my tupe or type 4 shit 5 , okay i meant to type 5 but now that i think of it, it's actually been 6 years since i was single...6 years ago.
back in the days when we were a team.
a "take as many prisoners as possible" team.
and trying to explain to another drunk person how good life is.
being drunk rules.
remind me to do it more.
beer tastes good.
4, plus two shots of jager.
that's a lot for me.
i have peed at least 46.3 times.
and i even thought about you all once while i was in there.
spomething about the ridiculous oversight of the bathroom door locks.
why do they never work???
how much do a couple of screws cost??
fix the damn lock.
it was actually a really nice bathroom.
and then we sang karaoke.
i have to write it down over and over until my brain really believes it.
cuz it's not possible.
not really.
i don't know.

got it all out.
time to burrow into the most warm and comfortable bed and loving arms of one big tall man who is all mine for the rest of time. have i ever mentioned how much i love a man who's bigger than me?? and he love sme so. he's so much all for me. remind me to do nicer things for him more often.

peace and love to you all.
and if i remember, i'll post the titty pictures tomorrow.
i'm alarmed at how much cleavage i exposed.
especially looking down...
right girls?
it always looks like more from above.

just unplugged this stupid laptop trying to plug in the camera to download the stupid picture of my stupid cleavage shirt.
thank all the gods, especially the porcelain one...that this post was not deleted.
it captured this night.
at least that's how i feel now.
almost sober.
love you all....
and by all, yes, i mean the 4 of you who actually read this drivel.
drinking is good.
do it.

okay, i'm still rather hung over, but i did manage to get the pictures from the camera to the harddrive.
and from the hard drive to the server...
they look monstrous.
they're not really that big.
but it's a great fucking shot.
i wonder...
if i blow it up and print it on a t-shirt, could i wear it every day?
or better yet, sell it to flat chicks with two inch roots and acid washed jeans at the state fair?
glory be, i think i may have found my calling!

p.s. this may be a limited time offer...

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