Thursday, February 19, 2004

politics are lame

almost as lame as politicians.
and when i say lame--i mean, like totally freaking useless and stupid.

i am sunburned again.
skin cancer?
bring it on.

we also went for a hike today.
it was 50 degrees, or so.
which is always what happens before a big fat stanky snow storm.
we get a couple of days of warmth, so i guess it's worth it.
anyway, the hike was great.
the boys were ecstatic and cute.
making up for all the whining earlier.
giving me false hope that they might continue to be cute cuddly non-pooping in pants children.
sent em to the mcdonald's playland with my parents while hubby went to the gym.
bad idea.
really bad.
twin b thought it would be fun to poop.
in his underwear.
if i asked you to shoot me NOW, would you do it??
i mean.
did i frigging sign up for this???
oh yeah...
i guess i did.
but fuuuuck.
Kat, you live in Texas, you must have a gun (pardon the stereotype)...
please, please, please put me out of my misery.
for it is great.
and vast.
and rolling in waves over me like the stench of poop....

still, it was a great day.
oh, and i forgot the best part of my cheating husband dream!
it was woven with bloggers and stuff of blugs. or blogs.
damn keyboard.
doesn't it know i meant to hit the 'o'??

perhaps this is a sing.
did i forget how to type in ONE DAY??
not sing.

moms are cool.
especially when they do your dishes and buy you stuff and play hide and seek with your kids and tell you family secrets...
and dads are cool.
especially when they fix stuff around the house like the lock on the downstairs bathroom.
so i can actually take a piss in peace.
you have no idea how thrilling this is.
let's just say, i've had to explain the whole menstrual cycle to 3 year old boys because of that broken lock.
so yeah.
i'm stoked.

some perfectly fitting calvin klein jeans and a couple of very cute shirts.
that's happiness.
in case you were wondering.
gaaaaaaawd i love clothes.

okay it's time to sleep.
or at least lay awake trying not to swallow (and no, not that way).
wish me luck.
and at least tomorrow i get to go to dinner with my brothers and parents and aunt & uncle.
i love babysitters.
i ought to give them a raise.
they make my life worth living...

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