Monday, June 30, 2003

maaaaaaaaan. i am one of those people who always hears the wrong words in songs. even when it's the fucking title. heard one of my old favorite Bush songs today, and couldn't remember the title so i tried searching on Lyric Find for it, but since the lyrics i entered were NOT EVEN IN THE SONG it didn't work. also, they don't really have that many lyrics. they didn't offer any bush lyrics, so i went to a bush site and checked a few songs....after reading a list of song titles, i was browsing some lyrics and then it hit me--it is not "catacombs between us" because, really what the hell would that mean??? it is CHEMICALS BETWEEN US which is the title of the damn song. sometimes i do not know how i survive in this dog eat dog world. i mean, jeeeeeeeez.

so the Leftover Salmonshow was fantastic!!! we had a great time, although there was more good conversation than getting into the music so for me that always makes the musical experience a little less worthwhile. my friend has not had a good night's sleep in 3 weeks and was just plain too tired to get into it, and her brother, well, guys are less likely to get up and shake their groove thang--especially when their only companion is their older sister's friend. sooooo...that was the only downer. i'm not some fantastic dancer, by any means, but for me to really sink into music i have to be moving. oh well. like i said, we had a good time--good conversation. park city is about an hour up a canyon, which means there's basically one road that would get us home. well, just as we got to the part of the road that would lead us home there was a cop car parked in our lane, so we stopped and asked him if we could get through. he said the road was closed and turned and walked away. um, excuse me officer, i am trying to get home and i might not know of any other way to get there could you possibly offer some suggestions???? the only thing i knew of would be to go back 20 minutes to where we had just been and contiue north-ish another 15 minutes to SLC and get on the freeway there. fortunately my friend knew of a sort of back road that circled very neatly around the closed road section. and we ended up only adding about 15 minutes to the trip. fucking pigs. just kidding, but still, it's cops like him who give cops a bad name--he was not friendly or helpful at all. so apparently there was some massive accident or something. we could see all the flashing lights but it looked like it wasn't even on the road--it was at this little municpal airport.........oh well.

i gotta go get the guest room ready. my brother in law is in town for a couple of days. better do the dishes too.

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