Tuesday, July 01, 2003

soooooo.........do i have anything to say today? mmm....well, i've been having yummy, kooky dreams lately. Had a cool dream the night before last about a hot young man i know who turned into Oralndo Bloom (as Legolas) and it was soft and sweet and yummmmmmy. no, folks, not a sex dream. just nice. Last night i dreamed about a friend who i have lost, and it reminded me that i don't ever like it when friendships fizzle. BUT when it's a male-female friendship, it's usually doomed because of the whole "when harry met sally" theory...so i wasn't actually surprised. and really, i wasn't upset at the time, I just knew it was over and i was okay with it. but i think i've started missing him lately. i'm such a sentimental old sap. Anyway. Also dreamed about some random girls from my class who i was never really friends with--the so called "popular" girls who both have pathetic excuses for existences now and i feel sort of bad for them. i never wanted to be them or anything, as is often the case with popular girls, because they were party girl slut types and that was very unappealing to me at the time......i waited until i was 21 to morph into a party girl slut!! well, compared to the sober virgin i had been, at least. anywho. i have mostly fond memories of high school. i was pretty shy in the first year or so, but i always had plenty of friends and a happy home......if i could change anything about high school it would be that i would like to have more confidence and i would--without a DOUBT--sleep with my boyfriend. i know, i know. he'd still end up breaking my heart, and probably it would have been even more severe (if that's even possible!!) but i don't care. out of all the men i've ever loved he's the one i loved the most. out of all the men i've fucked, he's he one i should have. i mean, god, i loved him so thoroughly!! and let me just tell you a story about the chemicals between us!!! but seriously. hot damn. i can still get off just thinking about him, smelling the cologne he used to wear.....time machine, oh time machine, wherefore art thou time machine???? that poor boy wouldn't know what hit him!!!

The reunion plans are coming along....hit a little snag with the place i have reserved for the evening, but i'll deal. i'm starting to look forward to seeing some of my old classmates....and realizing that i don't give a shit about most of them. i mean, really. the people i cared about, i kept in touch with--or had crazy Metalica dreams about them until we finally got back in touch!!!!

whoa--look at the time! i need to be ready to leave in 20 minutes and i ought to shower and make dinner for hubby and bro in law (on a quick trip from Cali) well, hell.

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