Wednesday, June 18, 2003

i am rather excited to be officially planning our class reunion because i had sort of written it off. the class president is supposed to be in charge of that sort of thing, but it just wasn't happening and since i appear to be the only who cares enough and has enough time, well here we are. it's going to be very casual but hopefully it'll still be fun. aw, who cares? i have a project, that's all that matters!!!

I told the boys that we're going on a plane up in the sky to visit grandma and grandpa and they are VERY excited. Sadly, almost-3 year olds don't have the same grasp of linear time that adults have, so they keep asking when we're going to see grandma and, every time i say, "come on, get your shoes on and we'll go..." meaning, to the gym or to the store or whatever, they say with a huge grin, "to see grandma and grandpa?" (although to be accurate, it's more like "crampa" than grandpa...) and it's cracking me up. so i keep telling them that we're not going right now, but we'll go after their which they inevitably remind me that they do NOT, under any circumstances, wish to partake in the ancient ritual of candle lighting on said birthday cake...they also are convinced that merely singing "happy birthday" causes the presence of candles, so they're having none of THAT, either...they are little goofs. but, going to the ocean and on an airplane sounds mighty fine, so i think we'll have a great ole time. they frickin' loved it last year, which is the ONLY reason i'm braving the plane ride again. it was worth it, you know? and this year they're over the free limit so they'll have their own seats--and car seats to keep them completely bound, cuz you have no idea how impossible these little curious georges of mine would be if they had that lame ass airplane seatbelt as their only means of restraint. whew--that'd be like tying mike tyson's wrists together with dental floss and expecting it to keep him from pounding the shit out of you. two words: not gonna happen. aw, shit. three words! i am seriously less intelligent than i was a few years back...oooh!

update: my friend who was taking a cruise down the licky licky highway has merged back onto the hetero highway. not that it matters. and i'm not entirely sure she'll stay, but hey, whatever. her divorce is nearly final, so that's nice for her. her girly friend woke up and smelled the boyfriend she lives with and remembered that he's the only man alive who wouldn't jump at the chance to have a bi-type girlfriend. what a loser.

i seriously cannot wait until i'm home. i'm going to go to the beach every single fucking day. and go out every night after my kids go to bed--built in babysitter, wooo hooo!!

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