Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Tangerine, tangerine,
living reflections from a dream
i was her love oh she was my queen
and now a thousand years between....
thinking how it used to be,
does she still remember times like these
to think of us again
and i do
--Tangerine, the Mighty Zep
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWD I love that song. Not sure what the whole "tangerine" thing is about, but the rest of the lyrics are as yummy as one, so hey, why not? today is a glorious not too hot day. aw, who am i kidding? i wouldn't know. i haven't been outside since the a.m.

many have i loved
and many times been bitten
many times i've gazed along the open road
many times i've lied
and many times i've listened
many times i've wondered how much there is to know-ow
many dreams come true
and some have silver linings
i live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold

---Over the HIlls and Far Away, also the led wonders

Why, oh why was i born in 1975? I must have died then...I am a believer in reincarnation only because i KNOW, down to my bones, that the spirit of some beautiful CRAZY hippie girl who died of an overdose slipped into my little newborn body on that misty June morning. I know it. as surely as the sky is blue, that is who i was before this. it's no wonder i'm always wondering where i belong. I was hoping to discover that Janis Joplin died on my birthday, but alas, no such luck. i was probably a groupie though. like the Banger Sisters. he he. i LOVED that they took polaroids of all the shlongs of the rockers they bedded...that's soooooo something i would do!!!

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