Tuesday, June 03, 2003

neighbor kids are outside smoking. not weed (this time) but still. he's like, 12 or 13. maybe he's older and just really short, cuz there sure are some hot chicks hanging around...ugh. I was just soooo not a juvenile delinquent that i have a hard time relating. I was a fully participating delinquent of legal age, i was just a late bloomer i guess. anyway those are some wild ones next door.

i need to get some serious work done on my book. BUT there are always a zillion other things to do...today, during the 5 hours my kids were at a babysitter i got 2 hours of work done, a quick trip to wally world, and some laundry. grrrr.r that is not the way it's supposed to go. fortunately they came home exhausted so they're now enjoying a late nap...well, i'm sure as hell enjoying their late nap. If you think having twins sounds fun--get your head checked. I'm not kidding. you probably have severe dementia. or at least if you don't, you will if you actually end up with twins. god they're cute though.

i got the COOLEST chain letter ever!! It's a panty exchange. No, grubby boy readers it's not used panties. (Although that would probably be a fun boy chain letter, eh?) You send one pair with tags on to the person on the top of the list then you end up getting 36 pairs, if everyone does it. I'm so excited!

Oy. there goes the Harley. damn. It's a good thing next door neighbor Harley dude isn't living by himself...i can't obsess over a guy with a girlfriend/wife, so he's safe, but DAMN. hot? yes, but it's the bike as much as the man. don't get me wrong--dorky guys or balding guys on bikes aren't going to grab my eye, but the bike makes a cute guy feverishly hot...er, or makes me feverishly hot...jeeeeez....i need to get out more, or stay in more, or something. what did i tell you about the dementia???

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