Thursday, June 12, 2003

here's the coolest dream that i had last night. for once, not totally straightforward. instead, it's full of overly obvious symbolism...

I was in a beautiful, grand building which was the clubhouse of a phenomenal golf course and Cameron had just finished playing in a PGA tournament and had done exceptionally well, for an amateur. There were mostly very rich, upper class types of women sitting around sipping tea and such and we were all sort of talking. There was something that was said during that scene that had a little significance, but I can’t remember right now. So, it was time for me to go and I went to the door, but it opened out to the sky—we were 20 floors up and the stairs had been folded into the building and there was a trick to it, but I didn’t know the trick. I’m very afraid of heights, and I didn’t dare to just give it a try. I hemmed and hawed a little, then a man came up on the magical stairs and as he walked into the building I asked him, rather shyly, if he would show me how the stairs worked. He was very kind and efficient and agreed to take me down himself, since I didn’t trust myself to follow his instructions. Once safely on the ground, I was in the parking lot and looked around for my companions (I don’t remember who they were, but I think it was family and friends) and they were already driving off, Cameron included. So, I decided I would just have to fly, if I was going to catch up to them. And I did! I put my arms above my head and jumped—and I was airborne! It was soo fucking sweet! So I flew around for a while, and ended up landing on a scallop boat, looking for that kid I used to babysit (who is now grown up and doing heroin) and he was sleeping in his bunk and I grabbed him and took him with me—I was flying again, carrying him…even though he was over 6 feet tall…but, whatever. if I can fly I guess I can have super human strength, right? And it felt so good because I knew I was saving him. and then we were swimming and I don’t remember what happened there……but then I was in rockland and that’s all I remember. Dammit. There was actually more to it, more deep stuff, but I can’t pinpoint it. I KNEW I should write it down while it was fresh.

it was so amazing (and astounding!) to fly. i could still feel it after i woke up, you knwo? aaaaaaaaaah. wonderful.

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