Sunday, June 01, 2003

I don't really have anything to say, but i'm feeling guilty for having so few posts recently. I am sort of a grouchy PMS'd girl today, so the only things i feel like talking about are desert and how annoying everything is. And I mean everything. Dammit I spelled dessert wrong--and if that isn't annoying i don't know what is. I'm rather relieved that it's PMS, because i was starting to wonder why i was so crabby. i hate being this ornery, but when i realize it's a short lived, hormone induced problem, i start to enjoy it. Of course, i still don't have a car, so that's enough to make me crotchety on the best of days. It's not like i have a lot of important things i need to be doing, but still. Gonna go check out some more options tomorrow night. i just hope we can agree on something. It's MY car, i should get to chose, but it's HIS money so he thinks he should get to choose. so much for, "Think of it as our money, sweetheart..." oh well. I'm a kept woman...sigh...

Did i ever tell you about my corny tatoo ideas? Well, i have a seahorse--sort of between my belly button and hip, just below the waistline. Soooooo, I think it would be hilarious if i got some little hermit crabs and a starfish added to it and then i could go up to people and say, "I got crabs! Wanna see?" and pull my waistband down a little. ha! wouldn't that gross people out? i love it. Also, I thought it would be great fun to get a tattoo of a six pack of beer on my stomach so I could hustle people by getting them to bet that I didn’t have a six pack AND a beer belly. Jeeeeeeeeeez. I know, i know. i'm the queen of corn. I don't care though. i love it!

OH yeah! i almost forgot. Today is the first day of the month and my 10th grade french teacher (who was my favorite for many reasons, among which was her comment that i looked like a midieval princess) told us that when she taught at a private school the girls had a tradition of saying "Bunny bunny rabbitt rabbit" for good luck. It has to be the first words out of your mouth on the frist day of the month, and I've been doing it ever since. Am I obsessive compulsive? Perhaps. Am I superstitious? Oh yeah. Am I a sentimental fool? Definitely. So there you have it. I love french. I am too shy to speak it much, though. I was offered a nanny job in Switzerland when i was a senior in high school, where i would have been well paid to take care of one child and taken to greece on vacation and become fluent in french...but alas, i did not think it was the right decision. A couple of years later, when i had taken a leave of absence from college for personal reasons...(read: dropped out because i was aimless and out of money) it would have been the perfect thing for me, but oh well. That's life. My life at least. Bad timing.

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