Tuesday, June 10, 2003

so i have a new car. i'm such a brat--i don't like it. but doesn't everyone know that Fords suck??????? oh well. it's a 2000 with 37,000 miles and it's in great shape, etc, etc, etc, but it's still a FORD. oh well. i actually am starting to like it, but i wish i could feel proud or excited when i tell people about my new car. somehow saying "I got a Taurus!" just doesn't fill me with glee. wonder why? =)

Had a GREAT workout today. sometimes i sort of drag through it, i'll admit, but today just kicked ass. I ran hard and fast...well, i jogged but i picked up my pace a bit and i just felt so powerful and victorious. 45 minutes is a long time to run. and i did lots of lunges and hamstring curls and that was so much fun.

i can't believe it's june 10th already. my high school graduation was ten years ago today, a friend reminded me. AND I'll be 28 in 9 days. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. that's just yucky to think about. i'm fucking old. I'm too old to be this unsettled with my life, aren't I? shouldn't i know exactly where i'm going and what i'm doing by now? my husband thinks i never figured out "who i am". well, i think i did, but being stuck in utah so long as repressed and distorted who i really am and it's getting a bit difficult to remember. he thinks i should go "find myself". whatever.

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