Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Still rainy and cold here in 90 degree desert land--and i'm still not complaining!

i have been slacking on my workouts in a big way these past few weeks and i feel horrible!!! i've been busier than usual and sort of forced to choose work over work OUT. dammit. I'm going to my sister in law's tomorrow to watch Paradise Hotel...it looks positively wretched, despicable and deccadent! i can't wait! we love watching those silly shows and making fun of the skanky folks...

so....once upon a time...there was a girl who was dissatisfied with life. one day she woke up and she was happy again. it's so weird how that happens.

i need some new music to infuse me with excitement about my workout, but i'm not very good at finding it. i'm going to Park City to see a band this weekend, so hopefully that'll be something i want....but, if not, i just don't know. i need something NEW, you know? but it has to be FAST, like speed metal, maybe, but i need to like it...grrrr.

Did a little work on "the novel" last night. i love that book so much, but there is still so much work to do on it!!!! i wish i had more time in the day....or i could just make it a priority. =) jeeeeez.

three weeks from tomorrow and i'll be sailing along above the earth again...only this time with a cranky three year old on either side of me...yes, i'm a pessimist. i need to start researching for hand held toys to entertain 3 year olds. and how can i fit enough snacks and entertainment in one backpack??? oh well. at least it's only a 4.5 hour flight. and then a 4 hour drive. but that part doesn't worry me, cuz my dad'll stop whenever the boys are getting too grouchy. i'll plot out every mcdonald's playland from boston to rockland!!!

my friend was just in Las Vegas, looking for a house (they're moving there so her husband can go to law school) and they decided to hit the town. well, they made the mistake of looking up "entertainment" in the yellow pages...apparently that's where all the hookers have their ads--sweeeeeet! i just tried to look it up on the web yellow pages, but no luck. oh well. still rather funny...

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