Sunday, June 22, 2003

wow. we've been having lots of rain and thunderstorms this week and i am LOVING it!!! however...the thunder is extraordinarily loud at the moment and it keeps making me jump. a few hours ago when it started raining, it was also hailing and the rain was huge and fierce...........what a rush!!! i wanted to run down the middle of street, soaking up nature's tears of joy and sadness...

well, our sprinklers just turned on...that's the bad part of having your sprinklers on a timer...and of course, i still make fun of everyone else whose sprinklers go off during a rain storm "fucking idiots, can't they save a little water? we're in a god damn drought!" she mumbles with disdain...

i think instead of making 18 year olds choose their life's career, by declaring a major, they should test us for our abilities and interests and sort of make us choose between 2 or 3 career paths that they think we're suited for...and then instead of 4 years of college we should have targeted training course. sometimes i think it would be nice if big brother existed--what's so wrong with that? just cuz i hate making decisions...

watched a little Outer Limits tonight. good stuff. Mark Hamill was even in it. just trying to get some hits here...just kidding.

just finished baking my cake for a little family party tomorrow, and i'm waiting for it to cool so i can frost it.

my stupid micro soft out look burst into flames and blew away like fucking dust in the wind today. if i lost all my saved emails i'm seriouisly going to beat the shit out of my husband. why, you may ask. well, he is my computer guru, which means he is responsible for any and everything that happens with my computer. damn him to hell. or at least billy gates. and actually i'm the moron who keeps using it when it has crashed and burned more times than space shuttles...awwwww, that was terrible. sorry.

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