Sunday, June 29, 2003

Husband's golfing 36 tomorrow. ha. i just typed 35 by mistake, and that reminded me of today when he saw a new golf course and wondered aloud how many holes it had and i said, "18, 20--whatever it takes." because one of his favorite movie quotes is from mr. mom when the dude is doing a wiring job and he says 220, 221--whatever it takes. it was funny. and you didn't even have to be there. magine that....

TOTALLY stumbled on Flash Gordon the movie today!!!! From 1980. Hell YEAH. saw it in the theater when i was 5 frickin years old! i even remembered a couple of scenes.......crap. it was pure crap. fantastic crap, though. with a theme song by none other than QUEEN. some great costumes and special effects...uh, NOT! i'm sorry, but that is the coolest thing that no one says anymore. i wish it would make a comback, because--damn it's convenient for relaying sarcasm in print.....anyway, i knew it was fate because i was scrolling through the channels and there it was: flash gordon (1:15) and my eyes darted to the clock--1:17!!! and we have lift off. i have the biggest hang up possible with not skipping the beginning of a movie if it's one i haven't seen before (or in this case in 23 years, which pretty much counts). if i've seen the flick, sure, i'll pop in at any point. but hubby doesn't mind watching the last 45 minutes of some movie he's never seen. i can't stand it. because i like knowing all the subtle stuff, the inuendos, correctly guessing the ending, etc. anyway.

just typing away back there i had this little vision (no, not like THAT) of the sun rising at this specific place back bus used to pick me up at about 6:30 in the morning for school, the first stop, then head out to this island and loop around and hit school more than an hour later. shitty, by the way. i got up at some ungodly hour like 5. bleh. anyway, that's the only reason i ever saw the sun rise--it was NOT my choice. morning licks dog ass. i would never see the dark side of noon if i didn't have kids or a job requiring such....anyway!! the point is: it was a breathtaking sight. crossing that little causeway/bridge thingy with the sun emerging from the ocean and the painted sky all around....and the trees....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.... it really made it all worth it. it's strange, this human ability to be filled up so completely by something so far outside oneself, something so repetitive, even...something so grand yet so simple. perhaps i will seek out that location for a morning run...okay, let's be honest--i'm waaaaay more likely to catch a sunrise on my way home from a late night....too bad sunrise is so damn early. it's really spectacular over the ocean...which is why it's possible i should move to the west coast: sun sets over the ocean there, and i'm ALWAYS awake by sun set.

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