Wednesday, June 25, 2003

oh my! just got home from a girls night of watching the greatest new reality show!! It is purely decadent good fun--Paradise Hotel, baby!! Similar to Temptation island, it is a perfect opportunity to laugh at the follies and heartbreak of others, and especially to make fun of the pretty girls who think looks are all that matter--they were born without a personality. Oh goooood fun, that one. i have not had that much fun watching a TV show in rememberable history. damn. that's gonna be a keeper! I just hope cute dorky boy doesn't get his feelings hurt...(we tivo'd the first two episodes and watched them both tonight) oops. just realized i already covered this yesterday. er. or today? i was supposed to go tomorrow, but we did it tonight instead...anyway. blah blah blah.

i need to do some serious research on what toys to take on the plane for my boys....i've had a few friends suggest the old cold medicine trick, but i don't know if it would work. besides, i think they could be sort of fun awake....yes, i'm insane.

there's already a book being released about Elizabeth smart's kidnapping ordeal. gag. her dad was busted with gay porn and had been sighted on kiddie porn chat rooms, so my theory that he was involved is back on track. not that being gay has anything to do with it, but trust me--the whole mormon sexual repression thing causes all sorts of strange, if he's supposed to be gay (as we can all tell by looking at him) but he can't admit it to himself/act it out/whatever, then he's going to end up being sexually deviant. did you know that teenage boys have killed themselves because they couldn't stop masturbating and were told that it was a HUGE sin? i'm not exaggerating. and i have met more people who were molested since moving here than i ever did back in maine--and they were all by grandpa or dad or someone else who is on the outside in totally good standing wtih the church. i could go on and on listing specific examples, but i won't. people in maine who were molested it was by some pathetic loser step father/mother's boyfriend of the week type. I don't know. i just think the high incidence of it (although the statistics probably wouldn't show it's higher here because no one reports it to authorities---only to their bishop, who is the equivalent of a priest/pastor/minister) is due to the enormous amount of sexual repression. it's ridiculous. i'm sure god would rather have these guys come out of the closet or whack off or whatever they need to do than abuse innocent children and scar them for life! anyway, that's my rant of the week about religion doing weird stuff. please excuse my outburst.

time for bed.

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