Friday, June 27, 2003

the weather is gorgeous, by the way. Sunny but not hot. have i ever mentioned how much i hate being hot? i would rather be cold any day of the week--you can always add layers, snuggle in a blanket, etc. but when it's hot outside it just sort of takes the fun out of summer for me. yes, yes, i'm a huge whiner. and i LIKE it.

Here's a list of things to do before i die:
1. sky dive
2. publish a (god damn) novel
3. get married and divorced in Las Vegas (not sure how to go about that at this point--can i remarry my husband, and divorce him but only pertaining to that marriage....damn.i might have missed the boat on this one.fuck.)
4. learn to sail
5. get my fucking bachelr's degree (like the non-loser i used to be should have done years ago!!!)
6. own (and run) a bed and breakfast
7. and oh yeah--MOVE OUT OF UTAH

so now you know. I am hereby accountable for my wishes. dammit. where's the delete key???

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