Saturday, June 14, 2003

I think i'm officially a computer geek. last night i learned how to play Risk...and not just plain old Risk, but Lord of the Rings Risk. he he. I am surprised at how much fun it was--and how victorious i felt at winning territories from my 7 year old step son...hey--he's played it before! I even stacked the deck so i could get the card with a picture of Legolas on it--i don't even know what the card meant, in relation to the game, but damn! what a pretty boy he is. yum.

I am once again pondering how it is scientifically possible for two siblings, raised by the same parents during the same time frame to be polar opposites. My sister and I could not possibly be more different. we get along fairly well for the most part but it's kind of funny. We are different in nearly every way. Although, we used to go shopping together and be sort of wandering around browsing and i'd hold up a shirt, as i turned to her and say, "oooh! look what i found!" and she'd look up to see what i had then roll her eyes as she held up the shirt SHE was considering and it would be the same exact shirt. We did that ALL the time. And yet...she's an anal neat freak, who is so organized and on time and saves money like there's no tomorrow (or more like there are infinite tomorrows...since maniacal spending is more a trait of someone whose subconcious believes there is no tomorrow...) and who doesn't believe in taking risks or doing even the smallest illegal things--like using such sites as kazaa, morpheus, etc. hello????? doesn't she know some rules are meant to be broken? no tatoos for her. no speeding. no free mp3's. and she's happy--that's what really blows my mind! how can you be happy living by all the frickin' rules? oh well. she's pretty damn cool, considering.

i have begun the frantic search for the cheapest possible tickets to Maine, once again. i guess oil prices and fewer flights in operation are two things which have contributed to the loss of the dirt cheap flights i used to stumble over at every turn. it used to be fairly easy to find a flight for pocket lint, but now there's nothing below $350--even on fucking priceline. that site is such a crock. My absolute favorite is Travelocity. Why? because they offer two different ways to look for flights: specific dates or flexible dates. this is very valuable to me, since i rarely care exactly which date i travel on. And also, they consistenly offer the lowest prices anywhere on the internet. i have never found cheaper tickets anywhere else. so there. they should pay me to be their spokesperson or something. so should the people who make ice cream sandwiches. i love those more than life itself. if i could eat them all day long without stopping, i would. they inspire in me a feeling so close to jubilation that i might just call it that. Also, whoever invented beer bread is a god damn genius: it's bread, and it makes you want to guzzle beer. pure marketing genius.

all of my friends are gambling this weekend. a few of them went north to a rather lame border town, and a few of them went to the mecca of dazzling lights, pawn shops, tittie bars and wedding chapels--that's right: VEGAS, BABY! gaaaaaawd that place blows my mind! i haven't been there in a few years and i need to go again. oddly, i kind of want to see the celine dion show...i don't like her music, never have (ESPECIALLY THAT FILTHY TITANIC SONG) but it looks like a true, old time vegas spectacular. Also, i need a new tatoo and what better place to get one than my ass--i mean, Veg-ass? damn, i'm pretty funny. i would actually be getting the tatoo on either my shoulder blade or as an arm band....and it'll probably involve my kids' names or initials in some fashion...i think that's kind of trashy, but also, i don't care. my love for them is more permanent than anyone's romantic love for anyone else no matter what they say, you know?

kay. time to get some work done. gonna go see Nemo tomorrow. heard it's funny.

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