Sunday, June 29, 2003

so i printed up the invitations for my class reunion today. found the perfect paper for it, too. i'm really quite excited about how well they turned out.

i talked to a good friend yesterday, with whom i don't keep in touch like i should. it gets harder and harder every year. anyway, i miss her. we had only been talking for about ten minutes when her weekend guest showed up so i'll probably call her again in a few days. had yet to discuss some important things with her. a book, a mutual acquaintence, the ensuing chaos...yadda yadda yadda. i'm trying to talk the hubby into letting me go up to visit her (in montana) for 2 or 3 days before my trip to maine--sans les enfants, mais, je ne crois pas qu'il vas dire "oui". snort. i think i'm pretty hot shit, apparently. hey, i can't help it--it just sort of came out. (translation: without the kids, but i don't think he'll say yes). i'm such a dork.

LEFTOVER SALMON show tonight!!! i'm a weeeee bit excited. i love park city. it is the place i feel most at home here in this black hole. it reminds me a LOT of Camden--yes, a bit touristy, but you know what? that's home to me. and most of the people in park city are not uptight mormons. anyway, it should be a great time. i'm going with a gooooooood friend and her little brother who is hilarious. i'll certainly tell you all how it went. of course, it'll probably suck just because i'm excited. or, it'll be sold out when we get there. oh well. c'est la vie. chortle.

i wish i could lose weight faster. i know, i know. dieting would help. fuck that. food is so lovely. it does surprise me that my massive amount of exercising hasn't made a larger dent in my, well, whale-ishness. i mean, really. i don't eat THAT much. i really don't. actually i was watching some home movies from about a year ago (right when i started working out) and holy lord i was fat. it helped me remember that i have improved, but jeeeeez.

okay, enough complaining. time to go stuff envelopes. there is only one month until the bloody reunion, so i better get hopping.

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