Thursday, June 19, 2003

well fuck me! is that all it takes to get over 200 hits in one day--saying "life sucks"? sweeeet. if someone could tell me how to find out where my hits are coming from, that'd be swell--Nedra? I bet you know, you web savy chica.

is there anything better than summer thunderstorms? gaaaawwwd, i love them! watching the lightening, and feeling the rumble of the thunder...the smell of the rain, filled with dust...hey, it's a desert, what can i say? sometimes it rains mud here, because it's so dusty and dry then it rains....wicked cool, baby. i am trying to fucking focus here, and my husband won't stop reaching down my pants. men!

anyway. whew, pass me a smoke. also, we're watching our new Office Space DVD (new because we finally got around to buying it after watching it 8432 times on hbo or whatever) A cult classic, truly.

AND i've been downloading songs from the early 90's to burn for my leetle class reunion. won't that be cute? i got some great song lists for each year from this helpful, handy dandy little site.

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