Friday, June 06, 2003

lots to do today, but still, i have my priorities. I had the coolest dream last night! Okay, so it wasn't cool, but it's hilarious that i had it. i was in a car, and i pulled into my best friend's driveway (her parents' back home) and there was a drawer, like at the drive up window of the bank (the one right at the window, not the other ones with the little vacum shoot thingies) and i had this little package, wrapped in butcher paper that was for another friend of mine who worked at the restaurant which that was supposed to be (rather than my friend's house) and i knew it was coke, but i put it in the drawer and right as i let go of it, a bunch of cops showed up and i pretended that i didn't know what was in it...and all because i watched law and order right before bed and they said something about "if someone paid you a hundred bucks to drive their car across the border from mexico and told you not to look in the trunk should you be held responsible for the drugs that are found there?" aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, the human subconcious, innit it cute? my dreams are SOOO easy to trace. none of this hidden meaning crap for me. oh no. My favorite example of this is my my friend Jeannie with whom i lost touch for a few years, so every time i heard a Metallica song (cuz she loved them) i would have a dream that night about finding her. At first, it would be like, "oh there you are!" yadda yadda yadda, but after a few dreams like that, i started actually telling her about the metallica/dream thing--in the dream! it was funny. I'd be like, "man i've been looking for you! and every time i hear metallica i have a dream that i found you!" Hilarious.

time to get to work.

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