Thursday, June 26, 2003

testes, testes, one two--three???!!! okay, why is my counter all f'ed up? dude! well, fuck. it's not just my counter. all my side bar shit is now at the bottom of the page. what the fuckity fuck???? well, thanks for the new format BLogger-ass! grrrr. kay, let's see if this computer non-genius can figure out how to fix it. bear with me. or fuck off.
okay, i'm getting template disappeared while i was trying to update it, so i had to start over and they didn't have my old green one. oh well. whatever. i had nothing better to do for the past fucking hour anyway. dammit. i need to take a shower so i'll be ready to go OUT tonight. faaaaaaaaaaacccck.

kay. i think it just might be all up and running again. cripes. i mean friggin hell. what, i'm supposed to actually work at this once in a while???? fuck that!

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