Friday, June 06, 2003

So what is this, do a zillion posts day??? i even edited the first one of the day--it used to be twice as long. i got off on a bit of a rant about the girl from home that i was mad at, and i described a problem i've been mulling over but i decided it's not ready for public airing. besides, i may have figured out a way to solve it without involving any outside help. so there. how's that for annoying vague hints??

got an email from the cutest boy today. my favorite little one, really. i am not entirely sure why his mere name makes me smile, and reading his most mundane words make me want to crawl inside him somehow...i never even knew him that well, we were love-ers for a brief spell some years ago, but i never really KNEW him, you know? i just loved touching him and looking at a toy. oh that reminds me! i thought of the funniest little pick up line, "You're a doll...wanna go home and play house?" okay, so it's pretty bad, but still. it was more like worship for me, anyway. he's like this amazingly beautiful, talented, tender, passionate, strong demi god from Greek mythology...endowed with some amazing powers (such as mesmerizing a woman with a single glance) but so fragile, with his human weakness underneath it all... he's someone i could never have had a real relationship with because we were created in different worlds, living in different worlds, looking toward futures which were so far apart they could have been the two poles of our planet...but damn. somehow, he affected me rather deeply. could you tell????

this weather could not be any more perfect. better not jinx myself. later--

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