Friday, June 27, 2003

i'm still reeling from the acid-tripping laser light show thingy i went to at the planetarium last night. i don't know how to explain it, except that it must be what it's like to take psychedelic drugs. there were worm holes and fire storms and stars in 3D and of course it was all set to the greatest classic rock songs ever (my Zep, Hendrix, Doors, Floyd, even Metallica....sigh). My senses were thoroughly satiated. It was just your basic computer animation, granted, but the visuals complemented the music in a very complete was a crazy ride, folks, that's all i'm saying. I'll definitely be going back.

somehow i thought i'd have more to say about the show, but i find that sleep has deadened my enthusiasm.

Time to start planning for and shopping for the twinner's 3rd birthday and subsequent parties. i'm pretty excited.

Also, i'm proud of myself for finally (after 6 frigging months!!) realizing that i could put my counter on the border instead of in the blog text and cutting and pasting it into a new post every couple of days so it would stay visible. I am once again reminded of just how computer illiterate I am. Sometimes i get all puffed up and feeling like queen shit on computer island because i know more about computers than your average 60 year old....but then I do stupid shit like that and I am brought soundly back to earth with the quiet hissing of my deflating ego......oh well. i'm a dessert girl and i can't say no to a slice of pie--even if it's humble pie.

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