Saturday, May 31, 2003

I'm such a slacker. getting back from vacation is always a bit of a rough unwinding phase for me...but i think i'm there. I'm watching Legally Blonde--aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr! it's so cute. i just love silly little cute movies sometimes. Heathers was on this morning--i forgot how dark and wonderful that was! jealous much?

I spent a lot of time looking at the dark angry sea while i was home--cuz i love calling it that! such the classic corny description. I came up with another one that's equally trite: The ocean was cold--in temperature and temperament. har. Anyway, the sea was rather dark and angry for most of my visit. Saw some great waves crashing on the Pemaquid Point lighthouse which gives way to deep thoughts...nothing too earth shattering, but i almost figured out the meaning of life.

Got myself a bit of color today. it's about damn time! since we skipped spring this year i'm a little behind. i'm a bit pissed about that, frankly. spring and fall are the only decent seasons in this pathetic place. and now we've skipped the glorious, warm--bearable--days and we've jumped straight to the hotter than hell stay-inside-at-all-costs weather of shitty summer. oh well. At least we have central air. I'm so good at complaining. jeeeez.

never killed that 12 pound spider, either. I kept avoiding it, because i was too scared of it, and now it's gone. oh well. let's just hope that it's not inside the house...

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