Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I fell asleep in paradise and woke up in hell

just kidding!!
it is sooooooooo good to be home!
the visit with my sister was absolute perfection,
and it's even better to be home,
so all is as it should be.
not all...
mr. hubby did a great job making the house presentable, but...
ya know.
I'm the lord of this manor and it wasn't as I left it.
sink full of dishes, table needing to be washed,
floor needing to be mopped.
not too shabby, really.

so now I'm back in business, and will resume my "screw you"-with-a-smile posting.
which is entirely different than "screw you with a smile"...
the latter is part of a contract I signed about 7 years ago...har.

I am feeling terribly guilty for not answering so many of my recent comments,
but I'll live with it.
just know I did read them all, and welcome to my new readers.

Sergei brought up a good point--
that my post counter may be off.
but, I'm waaaay too lazy to figure out a way to manually count my posts, so I ain't gunna.
we're going with the 1000 number, and celebrating accordingly.
If I posted once every day since the first day of this blog, in December 2002,
then I would have 940 posts.
since I post twice in a lot of days, and weekends are hit or miss,
I really think 1000 is pretty accurate.
So like I said in my comments, "Screw you, Sergei"
(but only with Mona's approval and/or participation!!!)
ooo, that reminds me!
I had a dream about a really pretty blonde lesbian last night.
yes, we were making out,
yes it was hot.

speaking of hot, I just discovered that I reek and need to take a shower.
I'm blaming it on the day spent travelling, since I rarely have b.o.
I would normally assign some of the blame to the hot sweaty reunion sex, but...
we are getting old.
we were both so damn tired that we just had regular-people sex.
tonight we will re-enact Diddler on the Roof, or some other low-budget porn, though.
I'm not too worried about it.

I can't believe it's time to go school shopping.
for the boys--
AND for me!!!
this is a big year for us.
I truly cannot believe that they are entering Kindergarten.
It blows my mind.
and I can't believe I'm going to be sitting in a classroom with a bunch of teenagers, myself.
I'm going to blow their minds.

all I know is, my entire backyard is bathed in lush green grass now.
it's like magic.
or sod...
and as soon as the fence is finished (started),
you can bet I'll be commencing Operation sunbathe-practically-nekid.
the fence isn't tall enough to keep out the neighbors who happen to look out the windows on their second story, so no gratuitous flashing for them.
but I will do my best.

the showering is singing me sweet songs--
more like begging,
so I better go.
I can't wait to get caught up on everyone's blogs!

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